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Dutch reader/writer. Fan of 2nd pov stories and cuteness overloads!( Profile art made by our Pegasister: natis120!)

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The night a little pony has been looking for for a long time has finally arrived. Ever since he heard the stories of old, he had always hoped that this day would come, and he would be there to witness it.

Art by Toonebs!
Written for the writing competition of October 2016.

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When you've lost anything and everything you once held close... Why... and how... does one stay on the path of righteousness? When everything and everypony has turned its back towards you, not caring if you would rot in the corners of an abandoned alley, what stops one of going into the wrong direction?

"May the Moon and Stars shine your way to better times."

Inspired by SlyphStorm: Soldiers of the Night

Cover art by no other than our lovely pegasister: Natis120 on DeviantArt!

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Inspired heavily by Noponythere and his stories:Pulling Trough & Reunited. Unfortunately, the author of these is no longer on, but his stories are something you'll like if you're into 2nd person stories.

'With the lovely editing from our traveling Bard, who occasionally stops by from her travels to help this writer create a readable story. Go give her tales a try! Cheers to The Traveling Bard Lyric!

Title card created by: Nightglimmer22

Welcome to High Altitude! New school year is starting in the Pegasi school of Cloudsdale! Also your new school year and that of your best friend; the ever so caring, understanding and friendly ( yeah, you know the colt, the one who pulled the chair from under you when you wanted to sit down in class. ) Dust Cloud! Bucker, but he his your best friend somehow none the less.

Let's see how you manage with the hardships that can come along in a pony's life!

Anyhoof! Let's get you to wake up!

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