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I write fanfictions about horses help me


Octavia has been dating Noteworthy for a long time.

Vinyl gets jealous until she meets his twin brother.

Alleged twin brother.

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The Elements of Harmony have faced through many challenges in the past. But after being kidnapped and chained up like prisoners, can they survive a madpony with a desire to torture all of them?

The answer is yes. In fact, it's not much of a challenge, really. More like a mild annoyance.

A Halloween one-shot for Halloween 2015!

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When Lucid escapes imprisonment from an alternate dimension, Discord tries to give him the one thing he's never had before, a normal, loving father.

And by normal, I mean a chaotic entity who just happens to drag his son along into some crazy, random adventures.

A collection of episodes depicting how much it sucks being the teenage son of a chaotic entity. The chapters are either loosely-connected or have no connection whatsoever, unless in some special cases.

[Sex tag for innuendos and language, no sex involved]

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This story is a sequel to Just Big Boned

Hi, I'm Butterball. It's been six months since I last moved to Ponyville and things have been going better than I'd first expected. I've lost some weight, made a lot of friends, and I'm on an ongoing crusade to get my cutie mark with my three best friends. To top it all off, it's the first day of summer vacation! And I'm going to my first sleepover! This is going to be awesome!

Agh, Scootaloo's looking at me weird again. Her face is all red and she's avoiding eye contact. She says that her allergies are acting up again.

Come to think of it, she only gets allergies when I'm around.

Is she allergic to me?

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Popcorn is a handsome stallion. Margarine is a cute mare. Both of them are made for each other.

However, the story of how they met isn't as romantic as you might expect.

(A story about the parents of Butter, the main character of Just Big Boned. It is not required to read that story to enjoy this one. Also a crossover with Sheep and his OC, Banana Nut.)

Chapters (2)

April Foals' Day is a day of merriment and hilarity.

Unless you're Twilight, in which you're constantly paranoid over what your best friend's going to pull on you.

(A short one-shot that was supposed to be for April 1st, but then delays happened)

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A new town. That's Butterball's biggest problem right now. Having to deal with new classmates and therefore new bullies. But when things go too far with two bullies in particular over a weight issue, a group of three fillies are there to help him get by...even if he thinks that he's not fat and just big boned...

Credit to my friend Alex for the coverart!

Chapters (14)
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