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ANOTHER ANOTHER UPDATE POST · 4:57am Oct 15th, 2016

"Get your shit together, Skitty," says the reader, yelling at his inanimate screen.

Sorry, yeah, I'm awful at keeping promises.

So let's make a brief post explaining why I haven't done jackshit in the last month or so.


Yeah that usually fucks up everything, doesn't it?

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OC Names for Reference

Butterball, Ice, Glacier, Dusk, Snow, Tongue, Black Belt, Toxic, CJ, Patches, Cinnamon, Kam, Lyric, Poppy, Kitten (RPG)

Blue Wire, Lucid, Mortar, Iron Hoof, Scotty, Xtreme, Clementine, Muchi, Bubblegum, Blade, Goldy, Natty, Rancor, Twig, Putty, Plush, Bunny (APM), Scruffy, Caliber

Bright Side, Popcorn, Margarine, Bone Marrow, Shortstop, Zak, Arid Desert, Snap Pea, Sweet Pea, Sharpshooter, Counterfeit, Gear Grinder, Gel, Frostbite, Sickle, Moonstruck, Huntsman, Sparky, Marionette, Serial Number, Tailbone, Marksman, Takeshi, Lucky, Loose Nut, Rupture, Sack (Marshmallow), Twitch, Nightshade, Tenna, Truffles, Bucky, Skidmark, Bump, Bumblebee, Donut Hole, Randolph, High Octane, Base Cleff, Havoc, Fuzzy, Bluffy, Star Crossed, Bentley, Closer, Catcher, Torpedo, Dagger, Dessert, Beast, Red Velvet, Brioche, Sesame Seed, Ken, Terry, Tree Trunk, Tricky, Spyder

Future OCs
Creme Puff, Shrimp Puff, Frostbite, Bronze, Benchwarmer, Katana, Youngblood, Rumble Pack, Smooth Jazz, Zed, Tsunami Cyclone, Poison Ivy, Bullet, Delta, Whirlwind, Rain Boom, Hadron, Wuzzy, Shaggy, Droplet, Snowball, Fire Drill, Barnburner, Lust, Fruit Punch, Camo, Taffy, Butter Nut, Sneaky, Cutie and Blueberry Pie, Zap Apple, Berserker, Squeaks, Jam, Sour Patch, Stuffy, Mothball, Flubber, Conspiracy, Mozzerella, Ham Sandwich, Rainbow Flash, Atom Bomb,Tumble,Start and Finish Line, Ace, Bash and Smash, Messy, Gruffy, Superstar

Sheldon, Toby, Petunia, Circuit, Cheddar, Meatball, Hammer, Custard

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Also, how weirded out would you be if I told you that I kinda-sorta ship Butterball with one of my OCs?...

...I'll just go now. :twilightsheepish:


1341627 Omg and the follow! Danku! :twilightblush:

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