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Crossover with Star Trek: The Next Generation. Celestia/Discord.

Q, having just finished 'playing' with his favourite Starfleet captain, gets called back to the Continuum. There are not many things in the Universe that can threaten the Q species, but it seems they have discovered one such being that could even rival them in terms of sheer power.

Q has been asked to give this creature an offer it simply cannot refuse. And if it does? Well, he has more than one means of forcing the will of his own kind.

After all, it's not every day that someone gets the absolute privilege of being asked to join the Q Continuum.

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Twilight has a secret crush. Finally finding the courage to express her feelings in the form of a very simple gift, she stands ready, at his door, waiting to pour her heart out.

Now, if only she could grow a backbone and actually enter his room, that would be great.


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Researching the history of Discord's time as ruler of the land, Twilight comes across something strange that piques her interest. Looking further into it, she discovers a piece of information that changes the dynamic of not only her own, but everypony's relationship with the mysterious draconequus.

Discord is utterly bemused by the apparent turn of events. Why in Equestria is everyone suddenly being so nice to him?

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Long ago, there existed a friendship between three immortal beings of great power. They laughed, they played, and they danced. Then, one day, a terrible monster tore through their innocent fun, breaking it until nothing remained but animosity.

Thousands of years later, just when that friendship seems to be repairing, the beast returns. And this time, it isn't going to stop until it has destroyed every last mortal creature on the planet.


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