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Newbie Brony with a bit of experience in writing fanfiction and a small amount of skill in art and animation. Might make art or short animations of my fics or others.


Theme/Setting for Rewrite · 5:31pm Jul 20th, 2016

Hey guys! Just posting this here to ask for your opinion on the rewrite of Sunset's second story.

I said it would be a more serious story, yeah? But I also wanna keep it interesting by adding action into it, kinda like what I planned in the first concept. And since is gonna be a violent-as-hell story, so that would help in making this decision. See, I got two routes to go with this story:

-Dante's Inferno (video game)

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1924047 And that is perfectly acceptable! "Quality is Best Quantity!" (like my slogan?) I have patience to wait.
pulls out a comfortable office chair and sits down with a surreal-sized bowl of popcorn :pinkiehappy:

1924044 Thanks! Though it will take a while. 2 multi chapter stories left for Sunset.

Here, have a Follow too! :twilightsmile:
Keep up the good work, alright? I look forward to your main story you are working on! :pinkiehappy:

1699774 Thank YOU for working on such a nice story. "When Life Gives You A Siren" looks VERY promising. I look forward to more.

Thanks for the watch!:pinkiehappy:

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