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All Shall Fear My Eggs! · 1:18am Apr 25th, 2012

(The title. It does nothing! It's just an awesome Psychonauts reference)

So... This one time I was here. Back in the writing circle, I mean.
What do I do with this. Not that anyone reads my blog. But I read my blog, so I am here.

Day 1: A New Idea Approaches.
It's complicated. I love it, but its a minefield. I can crash and burn really easily, actually.

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You still alive man?

:pinkiecrazy:Hehehe... Definitely not going to say first.

Anyways, I'm a bit said to see you stop A Comets Tale but as I said, I look forward to your new story. It looks good so far, not that I've gotten a chance to read it or anything of course:trollestia:

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