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Hi! I'm Leon Kenway. I'm 17 years old, Albino and I'm an orphan. I love to tell you more about me, but I save that for later on.Cause this about my adventures, not my problems. Anyway, this is how I was taken from 'home' to an world of talking ponies. Which isn't so bad, if I didn't also have to help with returning enemies of said ponies and a few love struck ponies. What more, I somehow ended in a bath with an mare name Luna. Also I somehow got myself engage to her on my first day!

Not an good start in a world I'm not familiar with and my 'roommates' aren't helping much!

First time ever writing an HIE fic, so please be patient with me.

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What if the 9th Doctor never regenerate. What if he did all the 10th and 11th Doctors adventures. (Beside the 50th anniversary special.) He drop Clara home and never return. He then travel to Equestria. But he regenerate into an dragon egg after fighting the Cybermen and lost his memories.The egg was discover by Princess Celestia and hatch years later by Twilight. What if Spike was the egg and been regain those memories after Nightmare Moon return.
(Looking for an editer and cover image)

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A what if to the show. What if Spike was older and wiser. More powerful and faster. Raised and trained by Princess Celestia, he will change the way the story is written. This is Spike guardian of (Filly!)Twilight Sparkle and the element of courage. Watch as Spike and friends change the story to something new. Spike x bigharem. Powerful(later) spike. Dense Spike.
(Critzem is welcome as long it contrasted. Hope the summary is better. I was never good at making these. Also first story on the site! Also I got an editer. Look at author note if you want to see.:-) )

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