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Game of Ponies · 1:05am Apr 4th, 2016


Ultimate Irony in the history of TV. · 2:27pm Aug 24th, 2015

It is known that the seeds of this wonderful fandom were planted when people saw memes about the first episode back in October of 2010 on the internet. The memes were probably just made as a joke, but people who were curious about the memes inspected the show, and genuinely enjoyed it, and the cycle continued with new pony memes making more people curious, and so the herd grew.

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Spike's relations with Twilight · 5:32am Mar 25th, 2015

In many fanfics that I've read recently (which is a lot), when Spike is mentioned in a group, he is almost never referred to as one of Twilight's friends nor a member of her family.
So I have a couple questions for anyone who was willing to spend 2 minutes reading this blog and is willing to spend 2 more minutes answering the upcoming questions: What do you think Spike's relationship with Twilight actually is? How do you think Spike views it? How do you think Twilight views it?

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I finally watched Rainbow Rocks just now, and I have some questions. · 6:58pm Dec 22nd, 2014

I watched it on Netflix on instant view (cause I'm cheap like that, instead of spending money to watch it in theaters or download it, I just waited for it for free) with my little sister, and I am left with several questions:
Am I the only one who thought the Mane 6's songs weren't as good as everyone else's (including Snips and Snails rap and Derpy's band) and that Trixie actually deserved to be in the finals?
Who else liked the canon shipping of LyraXBonBon?

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A celebrity I would be interested in seeing in Season 5 · 3:39am Oct 9th, 2014

I'm not sure if anyone else has done a blog like this before, but maybe this will start something, maybe get some ideas going.
Ever since about a month ago, after I rewatched the episode Pinkie Pride starring Wierd Al, I started thinking of celebreties I would be interested in seeing in MLP: FiM Season 5. After some research on multiple sites, I found out and confirmed that Jack Black is a confirmed brony.

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