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10 questions and answers for my little hope caring is magic · 8:16am Aug 28th, 2012

10 questions and answer for my little hope caring is magic.
When I put the first chapter of this story out a lot of people were asking me a lot of questions about it, I haven't answer a single one, so I'm going to take a quick break from writing to answer some of your questions.

Question one - "why did you choose the name max, that doesn't sound like a MLP name for a pony"

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my fanfic · 2:24pm Aug 26th, 2012

this story is going slow but still being made to the end no matter what happens

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Chapter 3????? WHEN IS IT COMING OUT,HELP IS STILL NEEDED. · 9:16am Jul 15th, 2012

Ok now i know a lot of you are waiting for chapter 3 of my fanfic and i am working on but it's going to take some time.
i have the idea and plot of it, fluttershy gose to twilight's library (or tree house whatever you want to call it)to finally show her friends max the alicorn, the main six (and spike) will be in this chapter.

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[no title] · 2:19pm Apr 15th, 2012

yes thefirst Chapter of my littly hope caring is magic is finished and online
its about fluttershy she find a little pony all alone and abandoned
it a she capable of being a mother let's find out

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my update · 6:23pm Mar 16th, 2012

hey everyone its batman here and im just like to say welcome to my FIMfiction
my first strory will be soon it call Fluttershy new hope
its about fluttershy (derrrrr) who find a little colt left for die out in the cold so she take him in and try to get him back to heath and it go on from there
it coming soon i promise also im on deviantart here's the link http://batman0889.deviantart.com/

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