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British, so be warned that I spell colour with a 'u'.

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After wishing she could be anywhere but the dusty old farm in Kansas, Twilight soon finds herself in a magical land filled with witches, talking scarecrows and a lot more colour than she's used to. Desperate to get back home, she must journey to the Emerald City to seek out the mysterious 'Wizard of Oz'.

Note: The forth wall will be broken somewhat.

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This story is a sequel to Chaosland is Other Ponies

"Loosely" based upon the Futurama episode 'The Robot Devil's hands are Idle Playthings'.

In an attempt to impress Rarity, Spike takes up a musical instrument to express how he feels. Unfortunately, this doesn't go as well as he hoped, and makes a deal with Discord to improve his chances. This works out brilliantly for Spike and he soon becomes a musical sensation; however Discord is less thrilled, and does what he can to reverse the deal.

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They really believe a few shiny rocks can stop me? Me? The Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony? Oh, that is hilarious! HA HA HA HA HA HA!


Why can't I move?

Oh cotton candy mixed with onions up a dancing giraffe...

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After an old friend introduces Pinkie Pie to a whole new sugar experience, she becomes seriously addicted to everything sweet. To overcome her problem, she joins a fitness group which successfully replaces her dessert obsession with an exercise obsession to her friends' dismay.

They desperately want the old Pinkie Pie back, however they are unaware that if she breaks her contract, she will be spirited away to the land of chaos and pandemonium for all eternity.

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Fed up with his playcolt lifestyle, Prince Blueblood's parents decide to do something about it. Getting an honest job was out of the question, so instead he must woo and marry a suitable mare.

Blueblood is not pleased with this arrangement, but when he hears that the Elements of Harmony are attending the upcoming Grand Galloping Gala, he makes a plan to meet up with each one in the hope of finding a prospective life partner. A simple task, surely. What pony could resist him?

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