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Storm (noun)
a violent disturbance of the atmosphere...rain, thunder, lightning, snow

A hateful serpent lying in wait.
An alicorn underneath the churning waves.
A cowardly king who saw the face of death.
An ancient wizard past his prime.
Two fillies lost in a world, responsibility thrust onto them.
A drakoness with the world taken from her.

An ancient force as old as Life seeks to enact his vengeance on the world, empowered by the tensions building in the land, people at odds with one another and each kingdom on edge. A young drakoness is the victim of his bloody crusade, fueling her on a single-minded path to vengeance.

She must fight against an omnipotent foe with impossible odds stacked against her, while not losing herself as a person in her journey. Her name is Tempest, and this is her story.

Chapters (10)
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