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“Instinct is a lie, told by a fearful body, hoping to be wrong. When you base your expectations only in what you see, you blind yourself to the possibilities of a new reality.”

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  • 104 weeks
    B O N E L E S S


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  • 106 weeks
    just a friendly fuckin reminder

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  • 110 weeks

    right yeah mates let’s shoot up

    i got dinosaur dick blood flowing through mah veins, motherfucker, i’m the king-a-the fucking world

    with this power i will punch Theresa May in the fucking mouth, do you hear me MI6 or whatever the fuck yall are called, because i know you’re reading this nonsense

    if i ever see that fcukc boii in public i’m gonna wreck her shit, i don’t care if she’s an old, fragile woman, i’ll still do it, motherfucking ippon zeoi that oldass bicch

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  • 112 weeks

    hahahaha I could fucking wreck Umbra in a fight

    yeah bitch i mean come on with your dangass Logia-type smoky ability and your like fcuking above-porno level body and Toph-mother-fucking-Bei-Fong level earthbending i'll still wreck your shit, i mean like i got the power of frikkin chi on my side which is literally fuckin Haki come on bichh

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  • 114 weeks
    oh yeah i forgot to fuckin mention

    aside from FoE fics, right -- vore fics also really fucking piss me off

    not like because of the people who write them, unlike the former type of story, but like.... the fetish itself??????? it necessitates the end of a life, however fictional it may be?????????? like stop that???? you fucking maniac???

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2358768 ...alright, nice talking to you Kaneki, even if under unpleasant circumstances:pinkiesmile:

2358767 if it happens again then yes

2358766 I see, are you still going to contact someone about it?

2357891 Oh hey it came back

shame it wasn't gone for longer but regardless, nice

2357891 I am thoroughly convinced that this is the work of an enemy Stand

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