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Dislike: troll fics, trolls(more than anything else in this world)

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[] Get a One of my Stories on a TV Tropes page. (if you know guy that does that i'd appreciate if you told me whom)
[x] Complete a one chapter story
[x] Complete a multi-chapter story
[x] get 15 followers
[X] get 20 followers
[X] get 30 followers
[X] Get 50 followers
[] get 100 followers
[] get enough followers to wipe the Troll menace off the face of the earth. (gonna wait a while on that one)
[] get a story featured
[] write a clopfic
[x] create a cool OC
[x]Create a shipping pair. (CelestiaxOC, LunaxOC, ChrysalisxOC, Flash Sentry and Cadence, FlashDance- *realizes what he wrote* NOW I GET IT!!!)
[x] help in a collab.


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Create Your Dark Multiverse Character Contest · 11:51pm Last Monday

Hello there, I'm holding a contest for a story I'm working on that borrows elements from the Current DC Event Dark Knights Metal. Basically everything that shouldn't be takes form. What if Celestia had one bad week, and Twilight had to do something unthinkable to stop her, but lost herself in the process, and new monster coming forth from a world that was never meant to exist.

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My Power Poniesverse (More coming soon)

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Your story Assassinverse Under the Red Hood

Thank you for the Watch. But what did I do to deserve that?

oh, before I forget, I posted new chapters of Past Awakens up for ya.

Just an early warning though... Past Awakens at its state isn't entirely good.:twilightsheepish:


Ah okay. Well as of now, I have revoked a majority of the chapters to work on them because I think I can write it better. Looking back on what I had before... ehh... it wasn't good.

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