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Dislike: troll fics, trolls(more than anything else in this world)

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[] Get a One of my Stories on a TV Tropes page. (if you know guy that does that i'd appreciate if you told me whom)
[x] Complete a one chapter story
[x] Complete a multi-chapter story
[x] get 15 followers
[X] get 20 followers
[X] get 30 followers
[X] Get 50 followers
[] get 100 followers
[] get enough followers to wipe the Troll menace off the face of the earth. (gonna wait a while on that one)
[] get a story featured
[] write a clopfic
[x] create a cool OC
[x]Create a shipping pair. (CelestiaxOC, LunaxOC, ChrysalisxOC, Flash Sentry and Cadence, FlashDance- *realizes what he wrote* NOW I GET IT!!!)
[x] help in a collab.


Seasons Greetings from Kul'as · 8:58pm Dec 23rd, 2017

The world was static before Kul'as appeared clearing up the static.

Kul'as: Greetings human writers of Prime Earth, I am Lord Kul'as. I'm broadcasting this little message to let you know of an upcoming Diddy our creator's doing. Two stories shall be created coinciding side by side. *disinterested* The adventures of your pretty little ponies as the universe of them you watch progresses. *Prideful* and the adventures of yours truly and his imbecilic cohorts.

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Thanks for the favorite on The CMC Meet a Motivational Speaker! Glad to see you enjoyed it!

Your story Assassinverse Under the Red Hood

Thank you for the Watch. But what did I do to deserve that?

oh, before I forget, I posted new chapters of Past Awakens up for ya.

Just an early warning though... Past Awakens at its state isn't entirely good.:twilightsheepish:

  • Viewing 249 - 253 of 253
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