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[] Get a One of my Stories on a TV Tropes page. (if you know guy that does that i'd appreciate if you told me whom)
[x] Complete a one chapter story
[x] Complete a multi-chapter story
[x] get 15 followers
[X] get 20 followers
[X] get 30 followers
[X] Get 50 followers
[] get 100 followers
[] get enough followers to wipe the Troll menace off the face of the earth. (gonna wait a while on that one)
[] get a story featured
[] write a clopfic
[x] create a cool OC
[x]Create a shipping pair. (CelestiaxOC, LunaxOC, ChrysalisxOC, Flash Sentry and Cadence, FlashDance- *realizes what he wrote* NOW I GET IT!!!)
[x] help in a collab.


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Happy B Day to Me and a Q/A · 1:09am Last Wednesday

Meant to put this up earlier but I was busy with my dad. Finally the big One Eight. This day could've been cooler but I couldn't think of what I really wanted to do for it. I will however get Vengeance of Kul'as done before this month is out.

In the meantime if you have any questions about my stories such as plans or what went into some of them. And enjoy a little preview of my next story coming soon.

Coming Soon

From the Mind of Diablo Corps 10

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My Power Poniesverse (More coming soon)

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Ah okay. Well as of now, I have revoked a majority of the chapters to work on them because I think I can write it better. Looking back on what I had before... ehh... it wasn't good.

Yes I remember reading it. In fact I have the original draft of your story saved on Google Books. Not bad. Not bad at all

Thank you for joining the EGID Group! I invited you to join it because as a fellow Transformers fan, I wanted to you to be part another Transformers group, and I wrote several Transformers stories in my time. I don't recall if you've read any of them, but if you were interested in doing so, I have them open. And if you had questions about how exactly the world of that universe works, I'd be more than happy to explain it in the forums.

Do strongly suggest reading the first one or things are just gonna get confusing. Some chapters have been revoked because of cleaning and editing... and want the chapters to actually look like they deserve the upvotes the story have. The comments may contain spoilers though.


2435664 Never played Dead Space but I know the characters you're talking about. Why?

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