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The Potato Guy

Saddle in people, time to hoof it, it'll only cost a couple of bucks

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Potential offshoot? · 11:44pm Dec 3rd, 2019

Ok so while the next chapter of Our new friends is being worked on, I have been thinking...
A few of you have been inquiring about the Rainbow Dash side of the story. Rest assured its still coming of course, but here lies my problem.

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Lmao! Apparently its a chicken nugget. Saw that i had saved it and i just thought, why not :D

What is that thing in your avatar?

True words from the ascension of the potato gods!

You better believe it.
Sunk so far into that couch my potato roots have grown into it.
I have truly transcended , but this isnt even my final form

So... Have you reached couch potato god levels yet?

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