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Changelings have always had a tough time finding food and love. It's a curse, really- they're not cute or cuddly, and don't always have the best personalities. As one could imagine, this would be problematic for a certain changeling that was chased out of his own town. Meet Wind Trotter, a stallion with little thought in his name and a closed off heart to any mare that doesn't meet his 'standards'.
All we can say now, is good luck to this blood sucking parasite we call a changeling.


AU where changelings drink blood
A girl for the first time is writing a male character as the 'protagonist'
Cover art is temporary

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Everyone knows Fluttershy is, well, shy. Nobody thinks much past that. Why would they? She was just a timid mare in their eyes, afraid of her own shadow. She only has one friend, Rainbow Dash, whom she doesn't get to see very often due to her living in CloudsDale. She only had her animals to look after.
So, what goes through the mind of this timid pony when she does have to face others?
This story is set before the arrival of Twilight, by about a year or two. It has to deal with themes of anxiety and depression, so please do not read it if you are very sensitive to stories that deal with those topics. I plan on this being a one shot, due to me not being on this site often enough to want another multi chapter story. If you have been a fan of me, you will notice I cancelled my other stories.

Chapters (1)
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