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Lyra had always been one to fantasize about humans. She thought of them arriving in Equestria and becoming friends with her. A spell gone wrong gives her what she wants, but not in a way anypony would expect.

Contains language and mild shippage, hence the 'Teen' rating.

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20 years later, things changed. Never to be known, the Earth has crumbled. No one was supposed to know who did this, unless someone escaped to tell the story. I will do whatever I can to let inhabitants of my new home know of the danger that is soon to consume them. I must stop it.

Rated teen. Includes strong language at times. Also includes violence. Will add characters as the story progresses. Switches from first-person to third-person ever now and then.

Picture ONLY to show what Shade looks like with his armor on. Shade is a character that I created, and yes, I know that is a Hellgate London soldier. I've never played it before and just searched up "hunter" for some reason and found this.

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