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I suck at writing stories · 7:51pm Dec 23rd, 2017

Okay, since I got 5 dislikes on my story, I can tell that there’s a reason why I got 5 dislikes, it’s because I suck at story writing, ain’t I? I understand it, guess I maybe should take more story writing lessons at school

*spoiler alert*

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No new chapters · 12:26pm Oct 24th, 2016

Why hasn't anyone made a new chapter on their stories yet?

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Plan · 10:17am Apr 19th, 2015

Ok, I created MLP Equestria Boy again, but I didn't write the first chapter, so MLP Equestria Boy isn't going to be out yet, not until I find somewhere I can go to so I can begin how to write stories better then write the first better after that, and then once I get better and better, the first chapter will come out once I write it and make it look better, so hope you guys are ok with that

P.S. If you know somewhere I can go to begin my writing, please say

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