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A brony who wishes to write these stories in hopes of becoming a professional writer. Any feedback, comments, or tips on becoming better is appreciated. So relax, put on some tunes, and enjoy. :)


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Welcome to my Corner!

Name: AwesomeEric25 (Eric)
Birthday: 9/25
Sex: Male
Favorite Pony: A lot of them. (Mostly Sunset Shimmer)
About Me: I've been a fan of this show for the past four years, and I'm still in love with the show, Equestria Girls, and the fandom. I love writing and one day I would like to write my own book someday, but for now I'll stick to writing fanfics on this website and see what you all think of them. Any comments, criticisms or critiques are welcomed and appreciated.

I hope you enjoy. :pinkiehappy:

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  • A Shadowbolt Send-off Some certain Shadowblots have a few words for Twilight before she attends Canterlot High School. by AwesomeEric25 2,548 words · 4,400 views · 151 likes · 0 dislikes
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Guess who’s back…back again… · 11:33pm May 12th

Hello I am AwesomeEric25. It has been about four months since I posted any new stories or anything at all with this profile. I want to say that I just took an unexpected hiatus, but that would be me saying half of the truth.

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Hai! Glad you enjoyed A Talk about Food! Make sure to leave a like if you haven't already, it's very much appreciated :twilightsmile:

Cheers, mate!

Hey, thanks for the follow! :yay:

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You're welcome! I've been a big fan of your work for awhile anyways.

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