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  • TTwilight's Revenge
    Twilight didn't get her letter to Princess Celestia on time and has been kicked out of school. Obviously she is angry and while she is angry that her friends never took her seriously, it is the one who kicked her out she wishes to exact revenge on.
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The Winner of the Running of the Leaves · 12:49am Sep 18th, 2018

We all remember how Twilight was shown with a medal at the end of the running of the leaves episode. Seriously though, a medal for FIFTH PLACE? What the hell was that thing made of, aluminum or tin? What I would love to know is why would a pony win a medal for such a lousy finish. Hell I would think the most she would have got for that was a participation sticker that read, "Hey, you tried but you still suck!"

Now for the true winner, ME!

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Thanks for the fave on "Cozy Glow Drives Tirek Nuts"

Thanks for the fave on "Filling In"

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G'day, was wondering if you'd like to join the American Bronies discord server. It's a bit boring right now, I think Eagle's inviting some people but I reckon you're more interesting than anyone on his list.

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