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Co-op Rage

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Comment posted by Phoenix Quill deleted Aug 21st, 2014

See, this is why I my favorite drink is Lemonade, I make it myself from ten lemons that grow on a tree in my Oma's back yard.

Life gave me lemons, I can supply the sugar and water from here.:twilightsmile:

1352244 You just reminded me of an old motto my dad told me when I was getting bullied in high school: When life gets you down, you pick your punk ass up, dust yourself off, and tell life it hits like a bitch. My Dad was and is awesome.:pinkiehappy:

1349966 No worries, I'm just trying to fix my life little bit by little bit while I am still able to. :ajsmug:
Life is strange, but giving up is no way to do it. That's why I plow through things, even with the odds stacked against me. My name is Phoenix Quill for a reason, out of disaster, I die a little bit, only to rise again, stronger than ever before.:twilightsmile:

1349930 Sorry for your loss bro, I know the feel :fluttercry:

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