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sci-fi fanatic

I love the humans treated like animals fanfiction. My favorite characters are twilight pinkie pie applejack and fluttershy. The others are good too these are just my favorites

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These are a bunch of oneshots that come into my head that can range from funny to sad, or anything else

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Alessandro was used to moving around places. But when he moved around, it was always of his own free will. Being a human is tough in this world. He didn't know the pony language, only the language of humans. So what happens when he's captured by ponies, and meets a beautiful, yet sly human girl?

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Stryker Airborne was just your average pegasus. He went to manehatten elementary school, his parents were part of the weather squad for manehatten, and he plays with his friends. There's just one problem. He has no cutie mark. On a dangerous quest to earn his cutie mark, by trying to help with the lighting squad, he ends up getting struck, in which case he dies. After his death, he leaves manehatten to go to Ponyville to seek help. But no one can see him. Then he meets the cutie mark crusaders, and they can see him. But there's just one question on their minds. If he's a pegasus, how can he do magic?

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