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Season 5 Premiere? Kinda underwhelmed me... (Spoilers) · 12:37am Apr 5th, 2015

It was easier than it SHOULD have been to contain my hype over the hiatus. And why SHOULD it have been? Season 4's finale is pretty much my favorite ever, and we seemed to be gaining some awesome momentum as the show settled in.

So why was I not more excited?

Well... the premiere just didn't look very exciting.

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Smashy smashy... · 12:41am Jan 30th, 2015

Whoa, was Rainbow Dash at all involved, or did someone accidentally nudge CAIRO into sleep mode? Either way, a few million dollars of dead drone here... :rainbowwild:

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"Whoa, what's up with Chapter 17!?" Well, let me explain... · 1:25pm Dec 4th, 2014

Telling you RIGHT now, don't read anything below the page break if you have NOT read Chapter 17 of Black Equinox. Let not your eyes wander, for the spoilers are HUGE.

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My Everything Has Been Augmented... · 11:07pm Jul 26th, 2014

Hey folks, little update!

Chapter 16 is well on its way, only in need of editing in fact! But I wanted to share the fact that my computer has just been put through a serious upgrade!

Now, this has very little impact on writing, but it will have every impact on future 3D work I'm planning.

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I... think I've met my match. Well played. · 1:34pm Jun 1st, 2014

Guys... I know I can come off as a cold person.

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...and happening, and happening! · 5:30pm May 3rd, 2014

Well hey, at least this time it's clear who struck first.

Yeah, I know the writers aren't allowed to read fanfiction, but I can dream, can't I?

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This Stuff Keeps Happening... · 3:38am Mar 8th, 2014

When you write a story for as long as I've been writing Black Equinox, with the current series in an ongoing state, inevitably your conception of "canon" is going to be derailed, or the things you've planned out are going to be contradicted outright or beaten to the punch.

When I first started writing Black Equinox, it was during the break before season 2, and I'd intended the events of the story to take place then, as I was trying to make it up-to-date.

Yes, THAT long ago.

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The Man Himself · 1:10am Aug 22nd, 2013

Writing and modeling both have that same air of satisfaction when you look back and pour over your work. Inevitably you'll find kinks, but little can detract from that little feeling you get when you step back and realize, "I did this, and it WORKS."

Of course, modeling and animation have their own pitfalls.

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How would YOU fight Mandeville Arms? · 8:30pm Aug 3rd, 2013

Hey folks!

Wanted to let you all know I was still writing, though my productivity is likely to decrease by Labor Day, as I'll be moving in with my girlfriend to our new apartment, and be taking on a second job to support it. How much of a hit it all takes, I don't know, but I'm still really excited about what's going on with Black Equinox, and not likely to give up any time soon.

Speaking of, here's a little sample of what I've got going on.

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Review: Equestria Girls (Spoiler Warning!) · 8:07am Jun 19th, 2013


So I'm back! Yeah, Alaska is something else. I wouldn't recommend it for people hoping to engage fellow young-people though. Nothing but septuagenarians onboard...

But I'm back, and just in time to see the long awaited "Equestria Girls!"

And by "long awaited," I mean that this thing has been feared and looked at crosswise from day one, and that it's contained all the warning signs of a massive massive sellout, and it's no secret it was meant to cash-in on "Monster High."

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