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As an author and an artist I have found no greater joy than being able to share what I make with others. Good at many things, master of nothing!


MISSING!! Fallout Equestria: Aurora · 4:03am Sep 5th, 2015

Well would you look at that.... I got delayed and have some more time before I ship out.

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Well this is it.... so long for now. · 2:35am Aug 30th, 2015

Yes, I have to go away for a bit. There will be no art or writing for the next two months as I attend basic training for the US Coast Guard in New Jersey. I can't imagine all the notifications I'll have to sort through once I get back. I currently average about fifty a day... which would end up being... a frikkin lot of stuff to sort through.

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Fallout Equestria: Aurora · 5:43am Aug 21st, 2015

Fallout Equestria: Aurora

Well if you haven't noticed already I have a new story I'm working on. One that I've put a LOT of effort into in the preliminary stages to really try and iron out a solid plot line. I'm not doing this to gain any recognition but rather as a fan service to a great piece of fiction, and to polish up my writing skills ^_^

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Death of a story... bringing life to a new. · 4:29am Apr 11th, 2015

Well sadly due to a long hiatus and loss of major interest in general plot points; I have decided to not update The Sparx of Friendship and it will remain in its current unfinished form. With that said, if any of you follow my progress on Deviant Art you would know that a concept called Journey's in Equestria was a leading foray into artistic storytelling. That too, sadly, will come to an end in it's current form.

Why kill two projects?

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