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I could not have predicted where the story would end up, with all those strangely specific idiosyncrasies, but it made perfect sense after all, including the title, that I spent a few chapters trying to decipher without success. Very interesting, though the base invasion ended up being a bit anti-climatic.

And if there's one single person that could be a changeling king, it's that guy.

Thank you, Lucky Leaf, for the kindness of favoriting my story 'ID - That Indestructible Something'. Of all the stories I have written, that was probably the most unusual. I learned a lot writing ID - I especially enjoyed studying the life and words of Franz Kafka. It was also a bit of fun digging through all the woo-wooiest of UFO subculture sites, in order to develop as solid a basis as I could for... certain scenes. All in all, writing ID was a genuine adventure for me - I saw and researched so many varied and odd things during the writing of it!

I am glad you apparently liked it, and I appreciate the favorite. I have followed you as a return kindness.

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