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Hey, thanks so much for the follow, I really appreciate it!

Thanks very much for following me. I hope you'll enjoy my story.

Sure why not, message me and I'll let you know what I think; as I don't think you want to give your story away on my user page. :twilightsmile: I don't know how helpful my opinion can be as I have zero experience with story writing. My only experience is having read far far to may stories on FIMFiction.

I like showing off my ideas to others. Would be happy to tell you more, too. :scootangel:

I think making a line or three about it wouldn't mess with the story. You're not the only one who would wonder about that, I'd wager. It's really just a variation of the common fanon that Sunset had some (gold) Bit coins and jewels for enchanting that she took with her when she left. Enough for maybe a week in Equestria, if you sell the gems, but a small fortune in the human world.

Well, if it's not important to the story at all than I would not worry about it too much, especially if the story will move back to Equestria. It is probably not good to add things to the story that are not relevant, they just become a distraction. And I would not want you to just randomly stick in an explanation as that would mess with the flow of the story. I'm more of a fan of setting information being revealed within the narrative rather the just told to the reader as an aside, it draws the reader in more and gives them a sense of discovery. It just in stories that have Sunset living on her own it just seems strange that she could get away with that as a high school student; though this is not something that is ever touched in the films. I was assuming that it was going to be them both stuck on the human side with Twilight living with Sunset, but I guess it is going to go in a different direction. Looking forward to more. Thanks for the preview.

  • Viewing 39 - 43 of 43
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