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They call me bay. I make videos on youtube and write stories here. I like to tell people my stories, and share the ones I enjoy. Not really much besides that. [Mostly.]


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1968888 It's here:


I don't post often, but I'm hoping to fix that now

you make vids? What's your youtube page?

Thank you for adding Boarding School to favorites!

1572945 Marry Christmas to you as well, and happy new year.

1570555 Yea, no problem. Thank you.

Thanks for giving me a follow!

1525312 You commented on a thread about a post apocalyptic story I'm writing and you wanted to read it when it was up I guess. Nearly done, just have to chat with my proofreader Fallen Astral, then it should be up, if you're still interested. If you went back and read my older stuff, I'm sorry I put you through that :rainbowlaugh:

Hold on, why an I following you?

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I'm working on getting back into things · 4:56am Jul 25th, 2017

I'm trying to work on my ability to write, and I'm starting with my fimfiction. I've restarted work on the trotting dead, though in this case I've both renamed it, and made all but chapter one unavailable. I've edited the first chapter, and will release the rest as I finish editing them. Once that's all done with, I will continue writing the story. I have a good idea more or less of where I want things to go, how I want it to work. It's just I need to see what I've already done, and get myself

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