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Alternate Short Description: Let us follow the journey of an ANGERY mama’s boy from multi legged Earth pony colt to eventual Alicorn King!

The Sex tag is (for now) innuendo. However this may change in the future.

I'm using the Alicorn King cyoa by Akumakami64, not sure if he's on here but he's definately over on Questionable Questing.

I won’t be following the CYOA to the letter however.

And seeing as I already showed off what Shifting has here's a partial Alicorn King build!:

  • Physical alterations (3)- Extra Hooves, Titan Strength, Elemental Mane
  • Powers (7)- War (Primary Affinity), Destruction (Secondary Affinity), Darkness, Shadow, Blood, Sound and Gravity (Tertiary Affinities)
  • Location- Canterlot
  • Changes- Uncapped Magic (Free), Early Drop
  • Consequences- Eldritch (partially nullified)
  • Setting- Neutral
  • Drawback- Tugging your Alicorn Out

Finding myself in the magical land of Equestria as a six legged Earth pony colt honestly made me think I was in some sort of generic Human-turned-Pony piece of fanfiction in all honesty. But yeah… this certainly isn’t the Kid-Friendly Equestria from the My Little Pony cartoon! For one… well… cults (and Eldritch by proxy) are a thing and ponies are pretty human-like as a random pony is just as likely to help you as to fend for themselves.

God… why couldn’t my time in Equestria be the canon verse instead of… whatever this one is!?

Well... at least I got my hot mom, aunt, and cousins (technically I guess?) to help me figure all this shit out...

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After the conquest of the once-lost Crystal Empire and the defeat of King Sombra at the hooves of the Royal Sisters, Rarity, a High Noble in the court of Princess Celestia, and her Lady-in-Waiting, Twilight Sparkle, find themselves in Cyrodiil.

Oblivion Crisis starts and is picked up by the Champion and his unlikely companion. Twilight and Rarity will join them in their quest to save Tamerial and eventually return home.

Been on here and I’ve seen and read some Skyrim/FiM stories but I haven’t seen any Oblivion stories. Though that might be because there aren’t that many, either way me and Black John, though personally I liked his old author name better, present to you our Oblivion/FiM story!

Just to make it clear to anyone that doesn’t bother reading tags, this is also an AU, Alternate Universe, Non-Canon-Compliant in regards to MLP! Seriously any reviewers that complain about it not being canon will be mocked (not really.). For info on the AU or character builds, message myself or Black John, and we'll try to answer you the best we can.

Also the Warning and Teen rating are subject to alteration as me and Black John proceed.

Also expect infrequent updates due to RL bullshit.

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This started as a RP between myself and Nihatclodra, but soon took a life of its own... so we decided to see where it would take us

7/13/2016: THe cover art is provided by the awesome mix-up! Thanks for the great cover! Here's his FiMfic account and here's his devientart account!

A Sadistic Mama's Boy and a Highly-Amused Master Manipulator find themselves as foals in Equestria... This sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. Good thing it's the beginning of a hilarious joke then, eh?

Come, watch as these Man-foals fuck with the whole of Equestria.

Come, see as Hilarity ensues around them.

Come, read what these two authors write without thinking whilst somehow making a good story.

Come, join the Co-Conspirators in alleviating their Boredom.

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