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I started watching FIM in 2013 and I am also a fan of star wars so that might be the majority of my FIM fanfics. I also will be accepting other peoples opinions and advice. I also like warhammer 40k

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Equestria is in danger from xenmorphs creating a new hive near the crystal empire, a preatorian becoming a queen. Wayland yutani pmc's, scientist's, and michal wayland himself coming to take the xenomorph specimins back while killing anything that gets in their way, finishing off the crew of the saphora and the last two men of the sulaco. And a predator clan coming to start a great hunt of the xenomorphs, humans, ponies.The only help equestria has is the surviving crew of the saphora, their synthetic and the last two marines of the sulaco.
This story takes place a bit after the latest season ended. Its also after the end of the game aliens colonial marines.
(And becuase this has been bugging me I will remove comments that are mean even if they are to help, they have to be in a nice way or I delete them)

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