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Jesus Christ lmao I was a bad writer. · 3:19am Sep 28th, 2020

I decided to come back to Fimfiction after a while since I got hooked on reading old stories I never finished.
BRUH I was a bad writer. There's only a few things I can stand reading haha. Well, I suppose I did write a lot of that in high school and early college. Maybe I should try again? Who knows lmao. I only ever watched up to season 7.

Anyways, if anyone sees this... Hello!

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Thanks for the fav!


This message is a reminder for you to PM that fic you plan on working on. :twilightsheepish:

Gotta. Love getting up early for finals.


You motherfu-

lol, I can't believe you're even online, and that you read that thread :unsuresweetie:

Alright, I'll PM it to you.

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