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It's an all-expense paid weekend at the Platinum Horsehose Hotel & Casino, the premiere joint-species gaming establishment on no less than two worlds.

There's slots, cards, and dice galore, but the hottest action in town's going down at one little roulette table and everyone wants a piece of the action. Notable players include a cellist, a human, and a DJ with a bone to pick, and they're all betting far more than chips. Come on down to the Platinum Horsehose, where you may not win, but you'll definitely get your money's worth.

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"We're going to play a game, so pay very close attention. I put a tiny little spell on one object in your house. The spell is simple: If you touch the object, you turn into a pony." She smiles like this was a most clever thing to do. "But it's up to you to find out which object is cursed."

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She looked bored, lying up there in the crescent moon with only clouds and ice-white stars for company. Glass slippered hooves dangled over the edge and swayed. Her chin rested on a blue foreleg.

“Hi there,” you said from the ground below and hoped you called loud enough.

Luna fluff, because I got the itch baaaad. Wonderful cover image used with permission by the cool Jopiter

Chapters (1)
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