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Alright I'm Gonna Give You a Choice · 5:21am Apr 17th, 2016

I said after I do the Diamond Dog thing I'd get to work on a Celestia thing. Well it turns out I'm a fickle tadpole and actually have another concept that's worth doing. Both would be longer than the oneshots I normally post here, so it'll take some time to cobble together. But do note that I have a rule against working on two long-form stories at once as it only leads to tears and abandoned puppies.

The two ideas for Stories Sharkrags Wants to Do for Some Reason:

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Probably less time if you didn't take off to cry alone in your room for two weeks every so often.


You'll take six months to post about it regardless.

Hey, uh, what happened to Intensive Study? It shows up in the "Also Liked" section on your other stories but when I click on it the site says it isn't found.

1854092 I agree. I hate it when someone goes and completely destroys their storie because they want to get rid of the mind. In my opinion, it ruins perfectly good stories.

  • Viewing 24 - 28 of 28
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