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Transgirl, Rarely Writer, Still Annoyed at this Cringe-Ass Username. I used to write a little, but now I mostly just read. [HRT 11th/02/21]

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An endless storm blankets Equestria.
The snow never melts.
The wind never stops.
The storm...
Never ends.

Just something I came up with on the fly, completely unprompted. It kind of just happened, so I went with it, and this was the result.

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{A Starbound Crossover}

A changeling wakes up in a strange metal place, floating in the void of space, with only a (somewhat scary at first) voice to guide her on how to survive on the planet below.

Exploration ensues.

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A pegasus mare finds a foal abandoned in an alley and adopts him.

Slice of Life. Potentially enough for a whole cake.

First published story. Feedback'd be great.

And a big thanks to this guy for the cover art. Go check him out! no seriously go do it

Proofread/Edited by Elu and Brony at Heart

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