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Another day, another bushel of apples. The day was almost over, and work was progressing smoothly, just like always. Just before Big McIntosh can head back to the farmhouse, his youngest sister’s inquiring curiosity brings forth a memory from the stallion’s youth. Perhaps supper can wait a little bit longer today.

Proofing and editing credit goes to Striving for Harmony, once again. He is a great help, and I hope he knows how much he is appreciated. I would also like the thank Scooter-kun for taking time out of their day to do some editing for this one as well.

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Sheep in Equestria are often overlooked. Many see them as simple livestock. Others are only vaguely aware they exist. Meet Phyllis, your average Equestrian sheep, as we explore a day in her life on Sweet Apple Acres. Today isn't just any normal day, though. Today will change the course of her life, forever!

For today is the dreaded shearing day...

Editing and Proofreading done by CowabungaDude, Roranicus and Striving for Harmony.

Chapters (1)
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