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I am my pony's OC.


Something New · 11:33pm Feb 2nd, 2015

Thursday, while trying to sleep, a random thought hit me and I decided at the time if I slept on it I would likely forget it. So, I dragged myself out of my sleepy stupor and started writing. It all started with "Why do you chew on a stalk of grass?" I have no idea where the thought came from, as I was listening to "Friends" in the background and drifting of to dream-land. But, from that line, a short that wrote itself sprang forth.

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Another Update · 3:36am Jan 25th, 2015

Another update for those that are curious. I think I am going to take a break from Headless Horse. I have spent long nights staring at a blank page thinking about what I have planned for the characters and trying to decided how to portray it, but words haven't come, and the desire to write the tale at this moment has fled. I know I have stated I don't like to leave a project unfinished, or divide my attention, but I'm getting sick of feeling unproductive. I want to accomplish something.

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Status Update · 10:30am Dec 23rd, 2014

I have not forgotten FiMFiction. I have been on a minor hiatus while helping a friend with his first writing project, and aside from that have been heavily distracted by Destiny lately. Before that it was Minecraft. Games will forever be the bane of my productivity.

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