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New Soarenity Chapter Today · 2:05pm Jul 25th, 2017

Hello Internet!

It's probably time I scheduled for a little bit of an update since January. After the last chapter updates I got into the busy season of my college course, with many reports and assignments that took a large chunk out of writing once I placed my work and social life around it. However, I'm now on my summer break! So with that I'm already thousands of words into the latest chapter of Soarenity!

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Haha, well if you do all this college work for me then sure :raritywink:

Please start writing again, we miss you :fluttercry:

Woah. I looked back at you because I saw a comment of yours back in 2015. You've grown a lot since then.

You're welcome! :twilightsmile:

Just... unf!

...I'll stop gushing now 🤐

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