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Shining Valor

hi i'm Shining Valor and i've been a brony for a few weeks now and i hope to make some good fan fics while learning more about the community


Writing is hard · 10:44am Aug 8th, 2014

i have been working on my story for a while not getting very far with it and i have have other story ideas come up too.

also have not had alot of free time to work on the story

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My first blog ever · 1:41am Jun 28th, 2014

hello everyone my name is John, im a new brony and this is my first blog sooo yeah bare with me.

but anyway im going to start writing my fanfic soon just trying to find a starting point but i will give you bronies and pegasisters an idea of what the story is so keep in mind this is my first time writing a story so mistakes will be made and i will ask for help from time to time so help is appreciated.

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