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Activity · 7:47pm Nov 19th, 2012

With my IT course nearing its end for the year, I should be able to start writing again. I can't wait ^-^
I tend to use music as a muse for my writing. If I put on a good piece of music, it starts to form a picture in my mind that I can write to. Do you guys do anything similar?

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Origins · 12:51am Nov 8th, 2012

I've been writing stories for years, but my journey into fanfiction started with Friendship is Magic. Before this show, the stories I'd written were made up of my own characters from an rp site and game I'd long been part of. Of course, after watching all that FiM had to offer, I decided to give fanfictions a try. I'd read some before, mostly Spyro, but never delved deeply into it.

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A question · 10:42pm Oct 24th, 2012

I may not have many watching me yet, but I am curious to all of you.

What kind of stories do you believe attract the most attention? Clop or non-clop? And within those categories, what sub-categories?

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Becoming Active · 7:24pm Oct 17th, 2012

So I like, realised yesterday that this site has a 'submit' button.
I'd never noticed that you had to submit stories for approval before they became public. That's okay though, since I didn't really have anything to post back when I first joined.
I did put two of my clopfictions up yesterday though, and I'm happy to see they've gotten some positive responses <3

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