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Hello, and welcome to my collection of amazingly gay stories, the majority of which is basically just shipping. Enjoy!

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Freakin' geez. A year later and I've changed quite a bit, haven't I? For the most part, comedy's out the window save for a couple trollfics. :P

*cough cough*

Ah yes, I have stumbled upon a relic of my past... my first editor.

*Sips tea*


*Proceeds to fall down the stairs*


Can you help edit my story?

It's going great so far, but I'm beginning to run low on ideas.

Omg I :heart: you story the yellow to my blue it's soooooo great :twilightsmile: but please continue :fluttercry:
Btw its my fav:yay::pinkiehappy:

  • Viewing 1 - 4 of 4
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