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One More For The Road? · 1:59pm 8 hours ago

I've been mulling it over for a while now, weeks, in fact, and I wanna know if its worth one final fic for you guys to end it all on. The idea is, fittingly, a going away party for Dusk held by the other members of the Mane Six that ends in a big orgy. I've had this idea on the brain for a few weeks and am wondering if its something everybody's interested in seeing.

What do you want, guys? One more?

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Oh good, you're finished. Now to answer your question

The reason I posted it was because the user of this page has expressed interest in such things, and I thought they'd enjoy it, or more specifically, might get a laugh out of it

Have a nice day

I'm not interested, kid :ajsleepy:Love. Go play with your toys or something

Do you want to be a naturalist when you grow up, little timmy?:twilightsmile:

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