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An enigma even to myself. I am lost, yet i know exactly where I am at all times.


So Ember comes back to the show and visits Ponyville. · 9:22pm Aug 19th, 2017

Just saw this weeks episode. I quite enjoyed took to a second watch to actually see what was bad or good about the episode, but I couldn't help but notice Embers' slight mistake she made in the episode, and I'm not talking about the mild racist stereotypes of not being able to tell a different species apart. She upset the muffin queen. https://derpibooru.org/1514882?q=spoiler%3As07e15. Now I couldn't help but think about what was happening just on the other side of Ponyville while the main

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Habits when reading? · 12:19am Aug 27th, 2016

Just a curious post as im currently just sitting here listening to music and twiddling my thumbs. But what, if any, habits or other things do the people of this site do while reading or writing? I myself very rarely read or do anything without some music on in the background, I have also known some people who spend time when they are reading to either practice singing or their art work, unfortunately I am nowhere near skilled enough to do any of that sort of stuff

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Congratulations Amy Keating Rogers · 7:01pm Oct 11th, 2015

Well done, this weeks episode was possibly my favourite one so far. Its the first time i actually felt anything other than annoyance towards Diamond Tiara, and the ending damn near bought me to tears. Fantastic job.

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Rest well Grandad · 11:38am Aug 31st, 2015

So after a year of fighting and pretty much continued illness, this morning my Grandfather lost his battle and passed in his sleep. He is finally back with my Grandmother of five years of being apart and now he can finally rest. Always found it funny that men like my Grandad can survive the Second World War unscathed, get shot in the neck in the Korean War and survive then after everything a Stroke is what finally got to him. Rest soundly Grandad and know that all the family loves and remembers

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Got attacked by Sun-butt · 7:48pm Aug 3rd, 2015

So workinG today putting away stock as im want to do on a shift, when i spy a Princess Celestia playset that would have to go up high as its a bloody huge box. So up the ladder i go with the Princess in tow, put her away on the shelf, climb down the ladder and put it back go back to voice it on the shelf, when she suddenly pulls a nose dive off of it and smacks me straight in the eye :raritydespair:. She was secure and safely placed on the shelf so i ask you Princess Celestia: WHAT DID I DO TO

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This fandom confuses me. · 1:21am Mar 15th, 2015

Sat there, reading a story because let's face it why does this site even exist if not for that purpose. When i look at the recommended stories on the one im reading at that moment in time, and there are four Flash Sentry stories in the list. No lie each one has about 50 dislikes on average, yet no bad comments. I know its not everybody but people need to grow up and stop drive-by hating because all the Flash stories ive read werent bad at all, i think it just comes from these people taking the

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