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Typing has always been something that I like to do. And, with the inspiration of a lot of MLP fanfics, I bring my emotions out in my stories! Hope you like 'em and enjoy!

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Morning Star is a semi-normal pony, well, as normal as it can get for the wasteland. But, as Star is met with his friends, an unstoppable string of events occur. Read along as you hear the stories of how the the Ministry of Astronomical Study was created.

This is a spin-off of the Fallout Equestria series that I thought of out of the blue. Hope you enjoy!

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A Dragon named Sevron, sets upon a land filled with contending Griffons and Ponies alike. Sevron must make the choice of whether he will be able to end the two contradicting parties, or give his innocence to war.

Authors Note: This is my first story, all comments will be read, and taken into consideration. Any kind of criticism is A-okay with me, and will also be taken into consideration.

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