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Rainbow Dash and Applejack have been dating for well over four months. In all that time, the pegasus has been content with whatever Applejack wants to do to her in bed. However, she soon discovers that something is missing. She needs to tell Applejack, but... she's worried. What if her marefriend will see her in a different light?

Contains: Sleepy Applejack and Rainbow Dash, Internal monologues of an insecure pegasus, consensual snuggles, yawns, and other cute things that people with heart problems should avoid reading at all costs.

~~ Hey, check out my totally awesome friend Naviskypegasus who made a reading of my story! Oh, and here's the link to the reading on YouTube!

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Applejack has loved Rainbow Dash for years, but she never thought Dash loved her back. About to give up, she gets some friendly advice from Granny Smith and decides to tell Rainbow how she feels, for better or worse.

First ponyfic, written at four in the morning with no sleep. Appreciate constructive comments, flames make me cry.

Cover art pending.

Chapters (2)
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