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The mane six really love Anon, but he just doesn't seem to get it. Join them in their journey as they each try to win him over.
U-Um... Anon is... Well... Oh my...
He's a really great guy. I wouldn't mind having him as my lab assistant for life.
Nonny's the best! I love spending my time with him!
Anonymous has this sort of "flair" he brings about whenever he comes near. It's extremely enticing.
Yeah, I mean, Anon's like my best friend. Would be pretty cool if he were more though...
Anon's amazin'. So much that I actually kinda get erm... Well it feels like I got the creepy crawlies in mah stomach.

But why won't he notice me?

Chapters (1)

Anonymous is relaxing at home when he gets a visit from Fluttershy and his satyr daughter whom he had no idea existed. Fluttershy leaves him, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight with the task of watching his daughter until she returns.

Chapters (1)
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