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majenta mane

i'm a multi disciplined artist, but writing is my forte, i've been shamefully detached from the community, and this profile is my comeback, mostly thanks to MLP MSP. it's good to be back home.


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    my life has died down some (also Equestria Girls) · 6:53am Oct 15th, 2014

    so in the brief lull(z) i'm going to be here some more, might as well spill some thoughts

    i'm doing research papers right now, those are fun, lots of reading. lots of citations. i also decided to write non pony things for a while, because my muse is fickle and does the opposite of what i want. such is life. i have a job, which i should be sleeping for right now but forget that because instead i'm going to talk about Equestria Girls 2

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    1464291 oh thanks, i actually just completed it, that was a WIP
    you'll have to tell me what you think of the rest

    Comment posted by majenta mane deleted Oct 15th, 2014
    Comment posted by majenta mane deleted Oct 15th, 2014

    Just gotta say, that is a sweet new profile image, dude. :rainbowdetermined2:

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