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the beat brony

looking to be the best I can, and doing the best I can.


Howdy y'all Im Seamis Miller-Barrell AKA The Beat Brony. Oc- Blue Flame

I am a music producer you can check out my music here→https://soundcloud.com/seamis-miller-barrell

I am working as an editor, for a few fics if you need an editor please ask me and we will see what we can do

I am working on becoming a voice actor.
I am now doing pre reading and other projects for fics.

favorite pony-Vinyl scratch, octiva, luna, lyra, and rainbow dash

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions


Howdy y'all im back · 12:49am February 13th

What is up everypony im back and ready to take the world by the balls now that im free and can do what I like, and want. I am a music producer and am working on doing fic readings. if you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

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Thank you for the watch.

Hey sorry ive been gone or

hey, I haven't spoken to you in years!!! whats been happening?!

Ok sorry ive been gone for so long

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