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I like to read? Also I think I may start trying to write soon! I'll see how it goes :D

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A light blue stallion sits under the night sky thinking of his past. People come and go, but their memories never fade. As the clouds begin to gather he begins...

Done in about an hour to get something of my chest. Not my finest piece by a long shot. The art was done by Ayden161 on ponibooru. It is his OC not mine, but the picture fit what I had wrote pretty well so I used it.

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After years of technological advancement and a population boom, Equestria creates a large city ship, capable of reaching other planets in a bid to colonize the stars. This is the story of the first Celestial class planet ship, Heaven's Will.

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Applejack finds Caramel down near Ponyville market. When she asks what he's doing, he isn't to keen to reveal.

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