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I'm the type you want to know because of how realistic I try to make things feel. Sure, I'm not great or anything, not many are. I just hope I can write something people will actually like is all.

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Commission Specifics · 8:07am 11 hours ago

So, something that I had completely forgotten about for almost a month was the specific details regarding any story commissioned. These would be the following rules and such that I had in mind when doing these stories.

When it comes to prices, it mostly depends on whether or not you want a specific requirement for how many words each story should have, minimum.

$15 for a 2000 word minimum
$20 for 3000
$30 for 4000

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I got an idea for a new story you can use. Want to hear it?

Hey, thanks for adding Five Nights at Pinkie's 2 to your favorites! :yay: It really means a lot to me.

Hey, thanks for the follow! :rainbowkiss: It really means a lot to me and I hope to not disappoint you with future stories.

That's something we can both hope for.

Well, well, well, let me thank you for both the Favourite and the Follow! I hope I will not disappoint you in the future.

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