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I'm the type you want to know because of how realistic I try to make things feel. Sure, I'm not great or anything, not many are. I just hope I can write something people will actually like is all.

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(Emergency Commission) Need to write something for someone! · 4:13am April 21st

So, I need to renew my Playstation Plus for a little bit, and I need $30 to do it. So, step right up, I'll gladly write any story of any length, I just need to get this done soon. PM me for any details, or leave a comment if you like.

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Hypnosis and incest are maybe, definitely not foalcon though.

What about hypnosis, incest, or foalcon?

Death, Fallout, human in Equestria, any kind of droppings, human-pony relations of any kind, crotch-teats, vore, sadness, anything that has to do with major BDSM, including pet play, fall of Equestria, etc.

First, is there anything you'd refuse to write about?

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