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I discovered the MLP univers after loosing a bet, the bet was the loser had to watch a girly kids show. And now I am hooked so to say.

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Have you ever lost a friend? Twilight has lost most of hers to age. She must struggle with the gift/curse of near immortality while her friends slowly die. She reaches out to Celestia for help and Celestia gives it to her in the form of an insightful human that fell into their world a few years prior.

Artwork by neko-me.deviantart.com

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Four benders from Earth each endowed with their own element from the main four (Air, Water, Fire, Earth) Wake up in Equestria and have to fend for themselves. They have to learn how to work together to form a more powerful unit, not only that but because of how the magic works in Equestria friendship will power their bending. Before friendship can do anything for them though they have to find each other, and stay alive in a world that shuns them for their power.

In this story you will meet many of the main character in MLP and four different benders. The Airbender Choa. The Waterbender Adrian. The Firebender Keahi. And the Earthbender Victor.

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