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Notes From A Derek.

Hello, my name is Derek Watterson, and I am the guy who goes around and fluffs up and edits the LOHAHMass's chapters. This section of the page is merely my attempt to fluff up the page of the mass.

Some notes I'd like to make here would be that while someone (probably me.) will be signed in on this author-collabrative account for a period of time after each new chapter is posted, and once every other day, though you're more likely to get a hold of us through one of our own private profiles.

Also, while this story does have a full blown plot, this story will have plenty of side chapters filling up the major update times for each main story chapter.

Please remember that this story is suppose to be a fun one, and that anyone can suggest a chapter idea. It doesn't matter what it is. While this is true, more than one author has to approve of the idea.

Other notes on the story will pop up here on occasion.

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Chapter one now officially posted! We here at LOHAHMassCrossover hope you enjoy the ride that this story will be!

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