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These creatures were here before us. And if we're are not careful.they're going to be here after. life cannot be contained. Life breaks free. life finds a way. by Dr Ian Malcolm

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Harry potter the only son of Princess Celestia, was kidnapped from her one day by no other then Ablus Dumbledore himself, but over the time both Celestia and Luna try their best to find Celestia son, but Luna found him on planet earth by the help of her magic from the moon that go around the Earth itself said it.
Hope you like it.

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After a long time playing football for Chelsea Football club and for England,, he have become the greatest player in the Chelsea history, but on his way to the blue training ground a bright light went over him, but after the light die down he fine himself.in a library with a baby Dragon and a gruop of pony's. But John find himself a new mare that is not marred and her name is Princess Cadance Twilight old baby sitter and how well her life be with the most famous footballer in Chelsea fc. But now he is a Unicorn pony and his Cutie Mark is a blue lion with the Chelsea logo in the background of it and his coat colour is royal green and his mane and Tail is light blue and white stripes.

Chapters (1)
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